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tv   [untitled]    January 13, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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is a very strong sentiment. particularly that portal there is one that has been a lot of talk about water sheds and echo systems and other things that are important to see. the kids don't often have an opportunity to see close to home. again a
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city kid doesn't get very often to see where food comes from. the idea of letting kids see where vegetables come from and getting their hands dirt is something that is important to all of us in the city as parents. it would be great to have this model. i understand the property is already in escrow. i understand there is some hope that something can be done. i encourage you to do what you can do to acquire that property if possible. thank
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you. >> thank you very much for being here. is there any other public comment? hi, dave. >> david, i haven't been here in a while. i wanted to model the puc fashion part of the add campaign which has attracted a lot of attention and which is all to the good. that was item 1. item 2, i wanted to reference the announcement yesterday about the delta conservation plan and the tunnel proposal and urge you to request that staff understand the latest reiteration and policy commission when they are able to understand that and package it for our consumption so we can understand how that would affect our system and the residents and the cost and other policy implications. the
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third thing was to reference because this is our only meeting this month. the anniversary of the act the wonderful resource that we've been entrusted with to inquire it's use to build, maintain and steward those resource and what we are doing in water and power and manage the resources that go with it. i believe that's next week and there may be events related to that. i just wanted to reference that for the record. thank you. >> that's very nice of you to remind us. i also want to remind you that that tie
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matches your shirt. >> commissioner vietor? >> i wanted to respond. i don't know if we are getting an update on the 77 woolsey because i feel a little bit in a vacuum with a lot of information. what the time listen is. is there an opportunity for the part of the sip project. i thought it $77 woolsey because i feel a little bit in a vacuum with a lot of information. what the time listen is. is there an opportunity for the part of the sip project. i thought it was cueed up. i wonder if there is a time issue at state. i'm hoping in the update that we get in the general managers report and get a clear sense of what the property is and if there is an opportunity to acquire, i think it would be very exciting but i don't know quite enough about it. >> i want to thank all the community members who left.
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>> we'll make sure she addresses it. is there anymore public comment? if not. public comment is closed. next item, please. >> the clerk: item 17. communication. >> i have one speaker card. peter? how are you. >> nice to be here. peter. i'm pleased to share that i'm happy about the water program. i want to thank the puc staff for taking the restoration of the puc water shed seriously. we
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got started on this in 2005 with $20 million from proposition a and $30 million over a 10-year period from the water enterprise budget. we spent $18 million so far and the projection by the end of the period it will leave $12 million. we would love to see that project. there is understanding that there is planning and permitting and takes time and the idea that a lot of projects would be back ended. but we think it's really important to continue this on. it's not a one 110-year period to protecting water shed that is really an on going commitment. we are hoping there will be continued funding of $2-3 million per year and not just rollover the extra funds and feel like we are still doing it. the funding is
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critical and we'll be working with you on that. and there is a plan to have the next 10 years and that's what we love. thank you for your good work and look forward to the projects ahead. >> thank you very much for being here. on communications, commissioners, i'm going to alert -- commissioner moran? >> thank you. one of the items on the communications was the development report. the principal purpose is under the water supply agreement is we have to look at the projected ability to stay within -- based on that determination, whether we should give a 5-year notice to the customers that we would intend to terminate their
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service. the good news is the determination is that we won't be staying under 265 through 2018 which is the relevant period. the other side of that coin which the report also addresses and i'm assuming this is in part with response to a question i had posed is the other flip side of that which is if 265 were demanded from us, could we deliver it? the answer today is no. there are six projects in the wsip that are designed to restore our ability do that. and one of the things i had asked for was a reporting structure so we will focus a pretty bright light on those six projects to make sure they were maintaining progress on that. this is an annual report and i would like a
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quarterly. if we can, i don't know if it makes sense to make this part of the reporting. i want something of that so you can see how the projects are proceeding and what the issues are and maybe impeding implementation and also maintaining our focus on a time line for achieving the 265. currently that timeline is 2025, so several years aver the 2018 decisions that we'll have to be making and that's a significant enough issue that we really need to give a very bright light on that. i would like some form of quarterly reporting that reports on those projects, problems, pediments and projects and how that has the ability to relate to 256 as soon as possible. >> may i recommend that we do it at the same time as the w
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sip updates because it ties the status to these projects? >> yeah. i think it makes sense. of the six projects, 5 are capital projects. there is also a couple other projects that maybe useful in re storing 265. it needs to be augmented. >> perfect. >> thank you. before i mention a communication i have in front of me, i think it's important to welcome our neighbor our sheriff. welcome to public utilities commission meeting. for those of you who know what we do during the day a lot of it is construction, contractors
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and infrastructure and those that represent farming and gardening and what we talk about is how we can give assistance to folks who want to have contracts with the public utilities commission. i think it's great news that we are going to have a grand opening for the contractors assistance center. it's a free service by the puc and they are going to be working with business people within the community and outside of the community and they are going to have a grand opening. that grand opening is monday december 16th, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.. for those of you who are able to attend, please join us on that day. it's a great service and something we can all be proud of and staff hitting it out of the park with that one. commissioners, anything else on communication? seeing none, is there any further public comment on the communication?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. other business madam secretary? >> item 18, commission business. >> seeing none. item 19. report of the general manager. >> the general audit presentation. good afternoon. before you are three items, the budget priorities and audition and revenue bonds. it's where we are going and how we are getting there because it allows you to tell us as staff and general manager developed his proposed budget what you want to see in that proposed budget
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that you can call it or adopt as your own. before we get into that we have a brief presentation. i will start with the financial audit. the most important part is these financial audit are one where we call good housekeeping seal of approval done by independent auditors as a way of accountability and financial transparency process that we do each year. we have a you will of the sf puc money and funds reviewed as part of this process and every dollar can be received and every transaction be looked into. this is the fifth year that we've had clean audits and what that means is it's the best you can do in a
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financial audit that shows we are financially doing very well and that we have appropriate internal controls in place. in addition to that, we have now 4 years of awards in excellent for financial transparency reporting from the government's finances officers association. four 4 years as well of distinguished transparency and 3 years of annual and popular report with transparency. this is the direct time to hear from our auditors and senior manager miss jamie and she will report to you and you can ask her directly what her findings were as conclusion as part of that. we'll now of -- have it on the screen. >> good afternoon. thank you for having me. my name is jamie
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cabin and senior manager with k png. i'm presenting the audit report for the public utilities commission. all right. the presentation will address the required communications to the commission in accordance with auditing standards and provide a high level summary of 2013 audit. to start with the audit process we have the responsibility to perform the audit in the auditing standards. first we consider the internal controls to the steps necessary to produce an effective audit approach. not to provide an opinion as you would do with the public trading company. we design an implement audit procedures to gain a reasonable but not absolute assurance as to the
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absence of material misstatements in the financial statement which means that we develop an audit performance materiality which we audit to. we sample transactions and analytically test accounts. we do not 100 percent test every transact action. we would be here a long time. we also form puc compliance and to the contract and to a level that could have a material effect of a financial statement and lastly on the financial statement and compliance based on our audit result. their we do issue two reports for each enterprise. first is an independent audit report on the financial statement of which is tied indicated we did issue an unmodified or clean opinion for all three enterprises and we also issue a report on the
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compliance for government auditing standards. this is also a complete opinion for all three enterprises and we reported no deficiencies or instances of non-compliance. next in regard to the puc's significant accounting policies, these are described in note two of the financial statements of each of the three enterprises. we assure these policies are in accordance with the general accepted accounting principals consistent with standards. there were two effective for 2013 and that is gatsby no. 62 which is updateing the literature to conform with the codification and we had gatsby 63 which provides guidance for reporting in flows and out flows and also renames government entity
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easy. so neither statement had any implication on the puc's financial report. just all new standards. we have some key highlights. the money was used to fund capital projects and payments on long-term debt. next we have waste water that had an increase in that position of approximately $55 million. a significant item that we looked at in 2013 was the issue of the 2013 series a
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and b bonds for 500 and $25 million which was used to refund long-term debt. lastly we had heche water and power enterprise of approximately $6 million. this was over all the increase due to the charges for services increased 5 percent while the operating expenses decreased 2 percent. an over all stream line improvement in finance cost of measurement. we are required to conduct significant account transactions that require management adjustment and these are inherent risk because of the significance of the financial statement and the future effects that could change judgment used by management. the puc is the following listed financial accounts that involve judgment
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or estimates and we reviewed the estimates. we often used actuary specialist in this analysis. in regards to audit adjustments, there were no proposed adjustments. they have clean and reconciled books. we have no disagreements or difficulties with management to the best of our knowledge management did not consult with any other independent management account to not an agreeing with our analysis or our interpretation of accounting principals. prior to our contracting with contract for services we have not had
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any discussions outside of the normal course of the audit and we maintain independence with the commission. final communications we first engaged a letter to document the relationship of each department that we audit and we finally received a representation letter by each department to finalize the audit. just to conclude, i would like to state the financing accounting departments were very prompt with our audit request, they are very knowledgeable of financial reporting and provided answers, analysis, reconciliation to all of our questions and our request and made the overall audit process very smooth so we can issue the audit on time with the city's required deadline. i would like
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to thank everybody involved in the audit. i will stand for any questions. >> do we have any questions on this item? >> no questions, it's very obvious and very important observation that it is good to see an audit like that. it's high mark indeed. and it's important for all of our staff. >> thank you very much. so what i would like to do is maybe take a break from my general managers report and if you don't mind we can maybe go to -- i would like to go ahead and move to the consent calendar. these items are routine. madam secretary would you read 21 n.
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it's to approve the general manager in san francisco from the public utilities commission san francisco sheriff's department the key charter school for 280 square feet of office space at 1800 oak dale avenue. >> so we've removed this item from the consent calendar for individual presentation. >> thank you for moving the agenda an around. i'm the executive director of the san francisco sheriff's charter school and here with sheriff who is one of our board members and obviously sheriff. i'm here to talk about a program that we
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hope to implement. back in 2003 by the sheriffs to operate a full high school primarily in the count -- county jail and found we can do more work outside of the facility and we are working with folks who don't have a high school education. from then we expanded to 13 community partnerships where we now operate in 13 different locations. we worked with community based agencies that provide wrap around support services such as violence prevention, housing and other needs and we provide the education component to strengthen that services they offer. we are truly excited about moving into the site. we have been at the bayview ymca and serve on any given day to
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drop outs. our model is that we only take students that have been expelled from school, dropped out from school and we do not take anyone currentary enrolled in a school. we only take those that are truly hardest to education. we hope to eventually after a 6-month period serve about 150 students a day. we plan to staff it with approximately 6 full time teachers. and we have several administrators in the audience here today that have their offices out there to over see the program and we have part-time staff and looking forward to collaborating with other community based agencies. we are very excited working with city colleges, san francisco and we already work with them and develop where
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some of our graduates have moved into academy as the openings have happened and we are very excited about opening the vocational city colleges and working with ged and esl programs. we are also certified testing center for ged testing. so we want to collaborate with city college because we know they have a program similar. we want to leverage our joint services meeting. i'm looking forward to the thursday southeast commission where we present on a more thorough presentation on what our program is and more detail thursday at 6:00 p.m.. so with that, i will give it to sheriff. >> thank you for being here. we are going to have comments on
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the item only. this is 21n. is there any other comments? >> i would like to say there was a meeting with with the south east commission last week. i would like to say this fact concerning the oak dale project has been going on for 3 years. there has been a lot of discussion. i would like to say the community has approved and what occurred and i want to make it clear is that i informed one of the commissioners members yesterday because of the fact that they had not come before the full commission is that a lot of people have the misunderstanding of the college and the southeast commission. i stated to her yesterday that
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they didn't to have come before first to the commission. they have to first go through the dean and through the chancellor for the program to began at the college because that's where the college is from. everybody is not satisfied. i just heard he's going on thursday. i will be there to make sure that there is an understanding a separation of services from the college to the facility. i just want to make sure that you all know that they will be approving it anyway or on thursday because i will be there because i have worked with the sheriff over many years and i was there when he said he's going to run and he was carrying on hennessy's program. that's what the college is for. those young
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people who have dropped out of school and instead of having them go to jail, and if i had asked the head of the police commission, if they would put together and mandate instead of these young people that are small offenses, instead of having them sweeping the streets, removing graffiti from buildings to mandate that they must go to that southeast college to get their ged and they can't leave until they are finished in their training and get a job. thank you very much and i hope everything works out. >> thank you, a ringing endorsement. >> commissioner, at one time at
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the southeast building we had a very good program. we had a gentleman who had a stellar record graduating drop outs and giving them a ged. so in course of time, that program went away. i am graduate that the sheriff's department is now looking at the southeast to fulfill the aspirations of many of our trunts and drop outs. this is very important. today in south africa we are remembering a great leader, nelson mandela. and one of th


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